In fact, it has not been my life long dream about wanting to move to England.

It is a simple fact that people move away from their native home to pursue opportunities that may not be available where they currently live.

Somehow, when asked about why uprooting from my home country to England, it kind of reminds me of how I felt in the beginning of my big move, 'Can I make myself a world of good?'.

Thinking back, although I was particularly attached to life in Thailand, I was happy to experience other cultures, stretch myself a little, if possible.

Luckily, because of the global shortage of nurses, the prospect for my nursing career abroad seemed promising.

After forethought, I did not have a family commitment as my farther lived his life peacefully after the loss of my mother and my siblings quite settled down with their lives. So, why not moving overseas!

In my case, it was not a complicated answer why I chose to move to England.

First, I wanted to improve myself and raise my expectations about what I wanted from my life.

Next, I was in search of better and bigger incomes for more savings.

Then, England had great history and lots of magnificent places to visit.

Lastly, I could access healthcare services for free as a work permit holder.

However, even if working and living in England might not be perfect, I do not regret moving here because it has led to the life I have today.

ԧ ѹѹҵʹԵͧѹͧèѧ

ѹ͢稨ԧ˹觷 餹͡ҡҹԴͧǡ 仵͡ʷҨʶҹǡ㹻Ѩغѹͧ

ҧá Ͷ١ ֧¶蹰ҹҡȺҹԴͧ͹ͧѹѧ ѹ͹͹ѹ֧֡ ѹ֡ҧ㹪ǧͧ¡¤˭ͧѹ 'ѹöҧšѺǩѹͧ?'

Դ͹Ѻ ҩѹ֡١ѹ繾ɡѺԵͧ ѹդآջʺóѺѲ С״µǩѹ͡硹 Ҩ

ҧ⪤ ͧҡâҴŹҺ价š ͡ѺҪվҺŢͧѹ㹵ҧȴ͹ʴ

ѧҡԴҧͺͺ ѹդѺԴͺǡѺͺ ͧҡԴҢͧѹԵҧʧآѧҡ٭ôҢͧѹ оͧͧѹ͹ҧо㨤¡ѺԵͧǡ ѧ ֧仵ҧ!

㹡óբͧѹ ѹӵͺҡ ѹ֧͡ѧ

ҧá ѹͧ÷оѲҵͧ Се觷ҴѧҨԴ͹ҤͧѹǡѺҩѹͧèҡԵͧѹ

Ѵ仡 ѹաҡԹҡ

ҡ ѧջѵʵ˭ʶҹҡ·ɧ͡

·ش ѹöҶ֧ԡ÷ҧҹآҾ 㹰ҹм͹حҵӧҹ

ҧá ҡ÷ӧҹСԵѧҨó ѹ֡㨷 ѹҫ觪Եѹ㹷ءѹ

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kinda like my life though.

: IP: ѹ: 27 Ҥ 2554 :6:58:39 .  

wow... you're awesome.

: ungkana_k ѹ: 27 Ҥ 2554 :21:56:08 .  

ѧѡѹ...˹٨͡׹ ش͹سФ
͹ѹѧ繤ѹըҧ ͹¹騺 纻ʺó˹٨зѹ繽ѹ繨ԧѡѹ...

: b-pirada ѹ: 28 Ҥ 2554 :0:29:27 .  

ѧѡѹش͹ѹѺ Һ㹵ҧᴹ ^ ^

: SomOnarak ѹ: 22 Ҿѹ 2555 :1:37:39 .  

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