I have been teased by my foreign colleagues that my cooking of Thai dishes probably stinks as I have rarely brought a Thai fusion lunch box to work.

So, I want to show them that although I have a basic cooking skill, I am able to handle some Thai recipes.

I think one of the joys of cooking is to find my own path where I know I will get there.

However, after careful consideration, I decided to make an authentic and popular Thai cuisine which was 'chicken green curry with steamed rice'.

First, I ensured I had the right recipe but cooking was not just about recipes because good ingredients could make it taste delicious as well.

The basic ingredients included fresh chicken breast, red pepper, carrot, aubergine, coconut milk, Thai green curry paste, soy sauce and sugar.

To begin with, I marinated sliced chicken meat with some soy sauce for 15 minutes.

Then, I heated the oil in a wok, added green curry paste, chicken pieces, coconut milk, prepared vegetables afterwards , stirred them together, seasoned with soy sauce and sugar and finally brought to a simmer for 20 minutes.

In spite of being a novice cook, my chicken green curry turned out to be all right as my co-workers seemed to enjoy it and even asked for more other Thai dishes.

I would not say I am a really good cook but once I have fun of cooking, I can make a satisfying and tasty meal for friends and family.

I think good cooking means that it makes me want to prepare food simply and to enjoy those flavours.

Because of my chicken green curry, I now become an outrageously good cook in the eyes of my foreign friends.


ѹ١͡͹ҹǵҧҵ ÷¢ͧѹ鹤ͧҡ ѹ᷺¹áͧ͡ҧѹ仡Թӧҹ

ѧ ѹ֧ͧ÷ǡ ҩѹշѡС÷дѺ鹰ҹ ѹöºҧҧ

ѹԴ ˹㹤آԡҹ㨢ͧ÷á ä鹾˹ҧͧǩѹͧ觩ѹҨ件֧

ҧá ѧҡԨóҧͺͺ ѹѴԹ㨷з´繷 觡 'ᡧҹѺ'

ҧá ѹͧ ѹٵá÷÷١ͧ ҡ÷ٵԸա÷ҹ ͧҡ ѵشԺǹöʪҵ´蹡ѹ

ǹ鹰ҹ Сͺ仴 ͡ʴ ԡ½ᴧ ͷ ͽǧ з ͧᡧҹ Ǣ йӵ

鹴 ѹѡǡѺǢ 15 ҷ

ǩѹӹѹ͹㹡з ѧҡ鹡ͧᡧҹ з ѡ١ ǹҹҡѹ اʪҵԴ«Ǣйӵ Ƿ·شʹѡ 20 ҷ

繤÷͹ʺó ᡧҹͧѹ͡ ͹ӧҹҹ鹢ͧѹ͹ԴԹ仡Ѻѹ ж¨ҹҡ鹴

ѹҨоٴ ѹ繤÷ըԧ 㴷ѹդآѺ÷ ѹöҧä÷ҾʪҵѺ͹٧Фͺ

ѹԴ ÷÷¶֧ ѹѹͧҧСդآ仡ѺʪҵԢͧҹ

ͧҨҡᡧҹͧѹ ѹ㹢й繤÷չç µҢͧ͹ҧҵԢͧѹ


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