Love is a blissful feeling that every person wants to feel.

When people are in love, it makes them willing to do anything for that special person.

Love can be found worldwide and people have to find someone that will suit them, someone they feel comfortable with.

In fact, there are many different ways to define love and there are many different ways to love someone.

Very often, when the action of love stops, its blissful feeling is replaced with pain.

Recently, one of my girlfriends has been hurt by love and it generates the painful emotions such as hate, fear, anger, sorrow, etc.

The statement of 'I do not love you anymore' comes from someone she truly loves.

The fear of losing the one she loves causes her the emotional suffering.

It may not be easy to accept that something comes to an end and the most beloved one is taken away but it is for the best to try to let go rather than holding on.

Moreover, with every life journey people will get scratches and bruises.

I believe my friend will recover from agony and regain a healthy heart sooner or later.

'A love failure is not a life failure. Past pains make deeper love possible in the present.' By Mari Ruti

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ѹ ͹ͧѹп鹤׹ҡ纻ǴҹС㨷آҾաѺ׹ҡ

'ǢͧѡǢͧԵ 纻ǴͧʹյԴѡ֡駫ҨͧѨغѹ' Mari Ruti

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