I must admit that in recent years I have been one of those workaholics who always work straight late in the evening on weekdays and spend weekends at work as well.

Until a few months ago, I was completely drained, having lost both much energy and emotion from vigorous work.

I then asked myself what lied behind my work addiction and I could easily say that was not all about money.

Perhaps the joy of living for the sake of keep working until getting exhausted could be my reason.

Or, I was a sad person who discovered a way to avoid feeling down by working nonstop.

Not so long ago, I was also questioned by some of my patients, 'Da, you look fatigued and unhappy. Are you okay?'.

This raised my awareness that I was trapped into a vicious circle of work overload without knowing it.

I know I can blame circumstances such as lack of money or an uncomfortable living but it is truly just a matter of choosing whether I want to bring joy into my life or not.

In the end, I just do not want to marry my work for sure.

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we should enjoy life as much as possible regardless having a ton of responsibilities and commitments.

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