If my life were a battery, it would probably need to be recharged and I could then run on a battery that is fully charged.

By virtue of traveling alone seems to be a good way of restoring a rechargeable battery.

So, traveling parts of Europe on my own by train will help me to regain more energy to handle a chaotic life at the beginning of each day next year.

Having a 2-week annual leave next January will allow me to travel alone and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Actually, I would not mind to travel with family and friends but solo travel is true travel that takes a certain type of personality - self-sufficient and independent.

Many people say that a solo trip is a great way to meet new people and certainly let one discover new sides with oneself - both good and bad.

I think I need to learn to love being alone and start to value my own time and space more so traveling solo will grant me to embrace solitude.

It is suggested that taking a trip through parts of Europe by train is a good way to go as there is more time to look, learn and absorb.

My plan is to take the Eurostar high-speed train to western Europe from London to Paris and from Paris to Brussels and other French regions.

I reckon for a tight budget a train journey and a hostel stay is best suitable whereas still having fun during the trip.

Hopefully, becoming a solo traveler will make me learn something new and make my life capable of being refilled whenever a battery runs out.

ҪԵͧѹẵ ѹҨ繵ͧ١Ѵ Щѹǡöҹẵ١Ѵҧա

¡ԹҧͧǵӾѧ ͹Զշҧյ͡áѡعẵ١Ѵ

ѧ Թҧͧѧǹҧͧûµǩѹͧ Ъ©ѹѺЩѺ੧ժԵա ͷѴѺ͡ѺԵЪع㹪ǧ鹢ͧѹ㹻˹

ѹشШӻͧҷԵ͹Ҥ˹ ͹حҵѹԹҧӾѧСդآԴԹ仡Ѻʺó˹㹪Ե

ԧ ѹѧ¨Թҧͧ仡Ѻͺ͹٧ ҡԹҧӾѧ͡Թҧԧ йҫ觻͹ͧѡɳ੾е - 觾ҵͧ

ӹǹҡ ԹҧͧӾѧ Ըա÷Ը˹觷龺СѺ餹 ͹حҵҧ餹˹鹾ҹͧǢͧ - 駴

ѹԴ ѹ繵ͧ¹ѡӾѧ С鹷سҡѺǹҳࢵͧͧҡ ѧ鹡ԹҧӾѧзѹͺʹҧѹ

ѹ١й ԹҧҹǹҧͧûöԸշԸ˹觷 ͧҡѹҡ鹵͡þ ¹ СëѺ

Ἱͧѹ âöʵդ٧价ᶺѹͧû ҡ͹͹任 Шҡ仺Ҥͧ

ѹԴ ѺҳӡѴ ԹҧöСþѡѡҤᾧշش 㹢зѧդʹءʹҹԴԹǧҧԹҧ

ѧ á繹ѡԹҧǨзѹ¹ҧ觺ҧҧ зԵͧѹöж١ա áẵ

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ʴդФس ¤ ºҡҧسҨѧ...!..ҧ駡˹Ӿѧ繡繤آաẺ..ªԵ㨵ͧҧ ҧѹʹآѹͤآԨҫШԧ..ʹءФ ٻ¤ Jb ʹФ

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繷Իդ ѹѧաչФ

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I do hope you will have a great trip with another new things..

: Maeboon ѹ: 11 Ҥ 2554 :10:16:05 .  

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