As no other places on earth are like home, I am very thrilled to visit home very soon.

I have planned ahead about a unique Thailand vacation in this coming November because I want to have a hassle-free trip to Thailand.

As I have not been back home for a while, I hope to experience all it has to offer within a four-week visit.

I want a bit of sun along with the exploration of wonderful islands and to finish off with some striking natural scenery.

I think this trip will concentrate on the south of Thailand with a taste of charming beaches and sand dunes thrown in.

To begin with, I will have a short stay in Bangkok and will head to the southern coast for beaches and boat trips.

I will then strike north to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai for historic centre, ruins and quiet nooks and crannies to be found in preference to the chaos of a modern city.

Later on, I will visit east for some popular islands at downtime like Ko Chang, Ko Maak or Ko Kut.

More importantly, I will also celebrate my trip with fantastic fresh Thai food which is super-delicious and best fits my palate.

Welcome back to Thailand! Hurrah!

ͧҡ ʶҹ㴺׹蹴Թ͹Ѻҹ ѹ֧Թҧ觷͹ҹ

ѹҧἹǧ˹ҡѺ仾ѡ͹ͧ Ẻѡɳ੾о͹Ȩԡ¹ѧҶ֧ ѹͧԹҧͧ¹鹻Ȩҡع

ͧ©ѹѺҹҪǧ˹ ѹ֧ѧҨѺʺóѹʹҢͧ͹ 4 ѻ

ѹͧʧᴴҧ仾ѺǨеҧ§ ǡ稺ŧ¡êȹҾҧҵԷһзѺ㨺ҧ

ѹԴ Թҧ駹价ҧͧͧ 仡ѺʪҵԢͧҴԹ·ʹŧлдѧ

鹴 ѹا෾Ϫǧ ǡ˹价½觷ҧ͹仪ҴСԹҧͧǷҧ

ѹǡ价ҧ˹价ͧҳظ⢷ Ѻٹҧժ§ҧѵʵ ҡѡѡѧ С͡Ы͡ºʧж١鹾 觨繷蹪ͺҡҤѺʹͧѹ

ѧҡ ѹҧѹͪ͡еҧ繷㹪ǧءҹ Ъҧ ҡ Сٴ

Ӥѭҡ仡ҹ 蹡ѹѹ§ͧԹҧͧѹ·ʴʹҧش С١Ѻ鹢ͧѹҧշش

Թյ͹ѺáѺͧ! !

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