I have got a very good close friend who has obtained an American citizenship after living and working in the USA for over 10 years.

Surprisingly, this friend is moving to Singapore next month for good as she has said.

It wonders me why she wants to move to Singapore than any other place in the world.

To me, she has got a very good life in America - working as a lecturer in one of the top ten universities, owning two decent properties, having a good social network.

Generally, it seems where people would move if there were no visa restrictions or fewer intense visa regulations like in Singapore.

Many years ago, I just visited Singapore 2-3 times, so I do not have an obvious viewpoint of what life would be like in Singapore.

It is said most Singaporeans speak English but there is Singapore's unique brand of English called Singlish.

My friend paid a visit to Singapore beforehand and found that Singapore was an intriguing blend of Western modernity and Asian culture.

She said that Singapore had a standard of living to match - an excellent healthcare service, an excellent public transport system, an international schooling system and because of that, she fell in love with the country at the first sight.

She is thrilled with joy to shortly start a new lecturer post at National University of Singapore (NUS) which is a research-intensive university and ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities.

Now, she is looking forward to relocating to Singapore.

I think I should explore this country one more time by visiting my friend.

ѹ͹ѡʹդ˹觼Ѻѭҵԡѹ ѧҡԵзӧҹԡҡ 10

ҧһҴ ͹ѧԧ͹˹ ͡ʷյ͡

ѹѹʧ ͹֧ͧè价ԧ᷹繷蹺š㺹

Ѻѹ ͤժԵҡԡ - ӧҹҨԷ˹ 10 ԷѹѺ ҢͧѧѾն֧ 2 С͢·ҧѧ

· ѹ͹ Ҩ;¾¶ բͨӡѴҧҹի ͡ͺѧѺҧҹիҷǴ¡ ҧ 㹻ԧ

»ա͹ ѹԧ 2-3 ҹ ѧ鹩ѹͧѴਹǡѺԵԧҨҧúҧ

ѹ١ٴ֧ ԧǹ˭ٴѧ ѹѧɷ͡ѡɳẺԧ١¡ ԧԪ

͹ͧѹ¹ԧǧ˹ о ԧաüҹѹ·ҧҹѹ͡ѺѲͧҧҴ¡ѹ

ͺ͡ ԧҵðҹäͧվҡѹ - ԡ÷ҧҹآҾ͹ кҸó кͧç¹ٻẺҹҪҵ д˵ؼҹ ֧ͨѡԧ㹤á¹

͵仴¤Թ ҹͧҨҹ National University of Singapore (NUS) ·˹ѡ价ҧҹԨ˹ СѺèѴѹѺ˹ԷѹѺͧšҧ͵ͧ

й ͤѧ駵ͤ·ԧ

ѹԴ ѹ÷Ǩȹաѡ˹ ¡¹͹

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ҹǫŹ ͤ س

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ԧ 繻㹽ѹͧ¤駤
ԩѹͧ ͺȹҡ
ҡ ҹҴ 仧ҧ

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Singlish 㹤ǹ English+ Chinese
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᷹֡͹س¹ФѺ :)

: bayesian ѹ: 20 Ҥ 2554 :17:54:54 .  

Choosing to live in Singapore for good is a surprising choice for me too. But as you mentioned many positive options there, whether great educational system, generous health care or convenient transportation, Singapore seems not so bad for retirement after all naka Khun Da. Besides your friend is a lecturer, I'm sure she's gonna have so much fun doing research at a famous school of the world!! :))

: Tristy ѹ: 20 Ҥ 2554 :22:22:15 .  

ԧԧФ ͹سҷ֧͡
سҾԵºҡѺû¹Ф ͹͹ͧ

᷹͹س ءҧ仵ѧФ

: Schnuggy ꡡ ѹ: 21 Ҥ 2554 :0:47:36 .  

͹˹觷ͧ͡ 繤ԧ ѡк͡ ͤԧ
ͧѺ繻ȷʹ 繻ȷշѾҡ ѧͧ ·ȹͧºҡ

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