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It is said, 'falling in love means you like more than one thing about a person.' and I kind of agree with this.

Although 'Love' could happen quickly, I have to think about everything for a long time before deciding about love.

Many times I ask myself, 'How do I feel about him?' and I must admit that I cannot truly answer that.

I am on a quest to discover my feeling for him and perhaps it is just a sympathetic feeling.

I sometimes wonder, 'How do I feel when he is around me? or 'How would I feel if I lost him?'

I think that it would be better not to fall for someone because they give me attention and it would be better to take time, not rushing into love.

I know that he is not perfect, neither am I and he could love me but I do not feel the same.

However, I may need more time until when my emotions are like, 'my heart beats a little faster, the sky seems a little brighter or vice versa when he is near me', which are a sign of love.

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ѹǨҤ֡ͧѹյ кҧѹҨ֡ʧҹ

ѹҧ駡ʧ 'ѹ֡ҧͺǩѹ?' 'ѹҨ֡ҧöҩѹ٭?'

ѹԴ ѹҨдաҷ赡ѡҧʹ㨡Ѻѹ ѹдաҷպ㹤ѡ

ѹ óẺЩѹ蹡ѹ Ҩѡѹѹ֡ҧǡѹ

ҧá ѹҨͧҡ鹨з֡ͧѹẺ '㨢ͧѹç硹 ͧҴҧǢ硹 㹷ӹͧǡѹ ѹ' 觡ѭҳͧѡͧ

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