Has the past experience hurt me to the point that relationship and love scares me?

Am I afraid to fall in love and of being loved by someone?

'Yes' is my answer to these questions.

In the past, my romantic relationship ended with a ton of heartbreak and tears and the pain remains a scare of love.

Even if I wish to have a special person to sweep me off my feet, I find it not easy to throw my heart and soul into a new relationship.

To other people, to push past the heartbreak and learn to love again is possible.

I know that the relationship needs practice, in particular love after loss but I am uncertain whether by opening my heart to love is worth the risk.

At the end I ask myself, do I really need a partnership to have a happy life?



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·ش ѹͧ ѹ繨ԧͧդͧͨժԵդآ?

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ҵͧա 㨵ͧ Ẻ˧Ẻա

: VELEZ ѹ: 21 չҤ 2555 :5:43:26 .  

һ㨤ԴѡͧѺاз..ҤԴѡѧ䧡ͧաҤҤ..ѡ觷էҤͧѡѹ ҡѹ ҷ зӤѭ㨡ѹ..ءҧͧ÷ءҧͤѡ..ѡҡǷмԴѧ..äҴѧ¤..ѡʴʹФФس *-*

: Jeab bu IP:, ѹ: 21 չҤ 2555 :11:45:06 .  

ͧѧ͹ѹ ҨмԴѧա ҤԴ֧觷Ѻ ѹդآҡҡ褹ǹФ ÷֡ ѧѹ СѺѹ

ͧպѺѹ ҷ о٨Ҥ鹤ͤ ҧ㹵Ҥ

դآФ 繡ѧ

: yoyos ѹ: 21 չҤ 2555 :15:51:28 .  

èԴͧԴ ʺóѹԵҡ Դ֧ʹյ͹Ҥҡ仪ԵТҴآ ѺѨغѹշش ҷҹͧس͹س繤蹹

: 觻ѹ IP: ѹ: 22 չҤ 2555 :23:55:52 .  

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