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Sometimes I ever wonder whether or not I am kind of a person who is 'easy to hate' and 'hard to love'.

It is like when I have someone who I can get a long great with them and once I have an argument or a clash with them, I tend to loath them so simply.

I must say it is not a nice thing to let a hostile feeling overpower me.

If I do not want to make best friends become worst enemies, I must learn how to deal with hate.

In fact, when I hate someone, I am causing more pain to myself than the person I hate.

So, I should draw the line and never let my hate for someone grow into an obsession.

More importantly, hate should be tamed, controlled and eventually eradicated.

Also, it seems not easy for me to love someone, perhaps when I love someone I feel like making myself vulnerable and putting my heart on the line.

To me, if love is a part of life and it is definitely something I long to achieve, I should make something loose when I love someone.

Love is patience, struggle, compromise, all the little ups and downs along the way and as long as I understand this fact, it will not be too hard for me to love.

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