Recently, I visited Chiang Mai and found more western men were dating Thai women in the area.

It was common to see many couples who were Thai women and foreigners in public places in the city of Chiang Mai.

In the past, many people had a bad image of weddings between Thai women and foreign men.

And, they believed foreigners only married bar girls and it was not on a basis of love but finances and other benefits.

Probably, relationships between foreign men and Thai girlfriends are nowadays increasingly more about love and desire to build a serious relationship.

It may seem it has become increasingly obvious that Thai women are greatly admired by outlanders.

I think there are different reasons why foreign men find love and romance with Thai ladies and why Thai ladies are interested in foreign men.

No matter for what reason, love is not limited to nationalities, cultures, religions, regions, etc.

Like it or not, people all over the globe are falling in love and pairing up with each other.

However, most importantly, lots of successful relationships are based on many things - genuine love, trust, patience, forgiveness and compromises.

'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.' By Helen Keller

ѹ¹§ С羺Ҽ·ҧѹӹǹҡѧ͡ഷѺ˭ԧ㹾鹷


ʹյ ӹǹҡҾѺ觧ҹҧ˭ԧ¡Ѻµҧҵ

ǡҡ ǵҧҵ觧ҹѺ੾м˭ԧ§ҹ ѹվ鹰ҹ躹ѡ ͧҧԹмŻªҧ

Ҩ ѹҾҧµҧҵԡѺΌ˭ԧ㹻Ѩغѹѧҡ㹴ҹǡѺѡеͧ÷ҧѹҾԧѧ

ѹҨд͹ ѹѴਹҡ觢鹷˭ԧ١蹪¡ͧҧªǵҧ

ѹԴ ˵ؼŷᵡҧѹ µҧҵҾѡդŧšѺʵ з˭ԧͧʹ㨪µҧҵ

Ӥѭ˵ؼ ѡ١ӡѴ ͪҵ Ѳ ʹ Ҥ

ͺѹ 餹ҡǷšѧѡШѺ觡ѹСѹ

ҧá Ӥѭҡش ѹҾʺ稨ӹǹҡ鹡Ѻҧ - ѡ ʹ Сûйջй

'觷շش§ҡشšö١١ ѹͧ١֡' Helen Keller

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