By chance I had a conversation with some Thai students who obtained a government scholarship to study in the UK.

They said that they studied hard at school to get a good result and earn a scholarship.

I am so proud of these Thai youths who made great effort to achieve their education goals regardless of the walk of life they came from.

It is known that the problem with scholarships is that the competition for them is fierce.

However, those students who are willing to work hard right from the beginning of high school can improve their chances for getting an academic scholarship.

Being studious to get a good grade can help the students to be rewarded for a scholarship.

Based on my own experience, if without studying hard at high school to win a scholarship to study nursing, I would not have come this far to work and live in the UK.

I truly believe that no one succeeds without making an effort.

So, any students who want to get a scholarship to help them pay for their studies abroad can improve their study habits to earn a chance for a better grade.

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ѹ繷ѹ ѭҢͧع֡ҡ͡觢ѹѺѹعçҡ

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ԧʺóͧǩѹͧ һȨҡ¹ҧ˹ѡç¹Ѹª繷ع֡¹Һ ѹҨŶ֧ҴҷӧҹҪҳҨѡѧ

ѹҧԧ ûʺҹо

ѧ ѡ¹㴡ͧèѺع֡ͨҪ¨ǡѺ¹㹵ҧ öоѲһѺاẺἹ¹͡Ѻôբ

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hard work has always been a key for success.

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