On a chilly night, I was especially drawn into vivid memories of how my love began.

Many years back, I met my first love at work in my homeland and in the beginning he was not kind of a man I was interested at all.

He on the whole was shy, quiet and not chatty but I would say that he had a warm heart that I could feel and easily relate to.

However, our love journey encountered such a dilemma and because of that I decided to walk away from the relationship.

Perhaps, if it were a true love, I would have continued to tune in to feel the love.

I must thank him for bringing such a blissful feeling into my heart once in a lifetime.

As time passed by, I moved to England. And, some years ago I was heartened again when one amazing person walked into my life.

Despite of coming from a different cultural background, he proved to me that love could break up any barriers.

Sadly, our love ended in a heartache on both sides.

The amazing thing is that, even without both of their presence in my real life at the moment, I can still feel their loving warmth through my memories.

It is said, 'Some people are meant to fall in love with each other but not meant to be together'.

㹤Ӥ׹˹˹Ǥ׹˹ ѹ١֧繾çӷѴǡѺѡͧѹ鹢ҧ

»͹ѧѺ ѹ龺Ѻѡáͧѹӧҹ㹻ȺҹԴͧѹ㹪ǧ繻ͧ˹ѹ֡ʹ¨ԧ

·駻ǧ鹢ºҧè ѹҨٴ㨷ͺ蹫觩ѹöҶ֧ҧ´

ҧá 鹷ҧԹͧѡͧҡʺѺҡӺҡҡҧ鹩ѹ֧ѴԹԹ͡仨ҡѹҾ

ҧѹѡ ѹҨѧԹûѺҡѺ֡ͧѡ


Ҽҹ ѹҷѧͧշҹҩѹ֡ժԵҢա˹ͤҷ觤˹Թ㹪Եͧѹ

Ҩҡ鹰ҹҧѲླշᵡҧѹ ٨ͩѹ ѡö觡մҧҧŧ

ҧ ѡͧ騺ŧ㨷纻Ǵͧ

觷Ȩҧ˹觡 ҨлȨҡûҡǢͧҷ駤㹪Եԧͧѹ㹢й ѹѧö֧֡ͺ蹢ͧѡͧǡҼҹҧçӢͧѹ

ѹ١ 'ҧ١˹鵡ѡ觡ѹСѹ ١˹¡ѹ'

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