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I have one male patient who always comes for a dialysis with his girlfriend like a couple who still cannot keep their hands off each other.

He is a bright and charming young bloke, studying law at the university.

I must say that his girlfriend and him is a nice loving young couple who obviously has a lot of chemistry between them.

During a dialysis process, his girlfriend is usually on his side at all times, giving him good comfort and good company.

One day he came to the unit without his girlfriend alongside and looked very sad.

During delivering care to him, he told me that he decided to move back to his parent's house in London and was going to continue his studies in a university there.

The main reason of this move was to have a kidney transplant with a new kidney donated by his father.

Because of that, he thought that it would be better to end on good terms with his girlfriend even if it was a painful and depressing thing to do.

He did not want to withhold the bright future of his girlfriend by his serious illness.

So, he said goodbye to her and told her, 'It is something you need to do for yourself and your future rather than caring for me'.

It is said that the more intense the relationship, the more difficult it can be to get over. However, I wish him everything the best for his decision.

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