Even if love has its ups and downs, it keeps people alive, especially true love.

I believe at the depth of everyone is the same desire - to love, to be loved and to be happy.

When my loving relationship is gone, I ever wonder whether I am able to find a worthwhile and long term love and to avoid making the same mistake.

I am one of those that finding true love appears to be an adventure in trial and error and learning through pain and heart-break.

Looking back, I always treated a professional achievement as the top priority in life and developed an ego by which I thought I was better than the one I loved.

Worse yet was when the loved one openly communicated his needs to me, I was simply not listening or maybe I did not care.

Also, I often compared the loved one with others and got disappointed when that person did not have the quality like the others'.

In the end, the problem snowballed into a larger issue and ended up with a heartache.

Now, I relaise the truth is the perfect person does not exist in this world.

After all, everything happens for a reason. Love is beautiful and unpredictable.

I think starting to become the most lovable person possible can bring true love to me, unexpectedly.

And, the day when the heart will move with true happiness will happen.

ѡշ駢ŧ ѹѧ餹ժԵ ੾ѡ

ѹ ǹ֡ͧءդͧҧǡѹ - ѡ ١ѡ դآ

ѹҾѡͧѹҡ ѹʧ ѹö龺Ѻѡդ׹ öա§÷ӼԴҴẺ

ѹ ˹㹺ôҤҹ鹷 龺Ѻѡ͹繡üҧ˹ աͧԴͧ١ ¹ҹ纻ǴСشѡͧ

ͧ͹Ѻ ѹӤѭѺûʺҪվ ѹѺ㹪Ե
СѲҤ͵ͧӤѭ 觷ѹԴҩѹաҤѹѡ

仡ҹ ͤѹѡԴҧç仵çҶ֧ͧâͧҡѺѹ ѹѧ ͩѹҨʹ¡

蹡ѹ ѹººѹѡѺ С֡ԴѧդسѵԷ͹Ѻ

·ش ѭҡٹ繻繷˭ Шŧ㨷纻Ǵ

Ѩغѹ ѹ˹ѡ ԧ óẺյǵ躹š㺹

ҧá ء觷ءҧԴҧ˵ؼ ѡ§ФҴ

ѹԴ 繺ؤŷѡҡش˹ҷ öйӤѡԧѹҧҴ֧


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