There is another beautiful story of love that always captures my mind.

It is about effort and genuine love that helps break up the barriers between two people of a different race, culture and religion.

I have one girlfriend who feels that she is one of those who are unlucky in love.

She frequently loses in a love game and does not seem to have a happy love affair.

After her last breakup, she lost hope for love because nothing seemed to go her way and she could not get things right.

However, a couple years back she met her soul mate who came from a different part of the world.

She found her man through online chatroom.

He came across her in the chartroom and they kept up a converstion with each other ever since.

Because of having different backgrounds, it took a lot of effort for the two to adapt themselves and compromise between them.

Time went by, their loving relationship grew and they then chose to marry.

Now, my friend becomes a happy full-time housewife and her English husband works as a petrolium engineer in Thailand.

'Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things'. From the Bible





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'ѡاء觷ءҧ ء觷ءҧ ѧء觷ءҧ ʹء觷ءҧ' ҡ

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