I ever wonder how more skilled Thai workers can get a job with an international organisation.

I do believe most Thai fellows are interested in doing paid work in any other country around the world like USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The question is whether it is too difficult for Thais who have the skills to find an overseas employer.

For many years of working in a healthcare sector in the UK, I have rarely met a Thai colleague.

Maybe, the problem with language ability remains the biggest barrier to Thais succeeding at work in another country.

But, I must say those skilled workers from other Asian countries - the Philippines, India - have a similar problem with the linguistic skill even though they have English as an official language.

Obviously, many Indian doctors or Filipino nurses who are working across the UK just have a fair level of English competence.

When I first arrived in the British land, there was a limited amount of English words I was able to master.

No matter how hard the language is, because of determination and dedication to learn English and improve it, I am now fluent in English.

Also, I came from a working-class background and was raised in a small town outside big cities where there was a limit of opportunities.

As I could break the language barrier, I would encourage others who have the same problem to beat it as well.

For sure, doing paid work abroad not only helps fund your families and yourselves but also helps give you invaluable work experience.

Someday, I would love to see more and more Thai fellows having a professional experience abroad.

To my belief, people can do anything if they set their minds to.

ѹʧ ҧö֧з餹ӧҹ·դöҹͧдѺҹҪҵҡ觢

ѹҧ ͹ҵԪǹ˭֡ʹ㨷ӧҹ㹻š ҧ Ѱԡ ҪҳҨѡѧ ᤹Ҵ ǫŹ

ӶѹҡԹ Ѻ¼դö͹¨ҧǵҧҵ

»շӧҹǹͧҧҹآҾ͹ҪҳҨѡѧ ѹ᷺龺͡Ѻ͹ҹ繤

Ҩ ѭҷҧҹöҧѧػä˭ش ͤ·лʺ㹡÷ӧҹ㹻

ѹͧͺ͡ ӧҹդöҹ鹨ҡ - Թ ԻԹ - ջѭҷ¤֧ѹҧҹѡТͧ ҹ鹨ѧҷҧá

ҧѴ ԹоҺſԻԹӹǹҡӧҹҪҳҨѡѧɡдѺöѧҹͧ

ͩѹҶ֧Թᴹѧ㹪ǧá ѹբմӡѴͧӹǹѧɷѹöҧ

ѧɹ鹨ҡҡ˹ ͧ¤Ф෷¹ѧоѲѹ йѹդͧ㹡ҧ

蹡ѹ ѹҨҡ鹰ҹͺǷ繤鹷ӧҹ С١§ͧ˹觷ҹͧͧ͡˭բͺࢵӡѴҧҹ͡ʵҧ

ͧҡѹöػäҧҹ ѹ֧ҡ繡ѧ㨡е餹ջѭẺǡѹҪѹ蹡ѹ

͹ش ӧҹ㹵ҧȹ ЪҨѴҷعͺǢͧسеǤسͧҹ ѹЪسѺʺó÷ӧҹҤ蹡ѹ

ѹ˹觢ҧ˹ ѹҡ繤͹ҵԨӹǹҡҡջʺóҪվçҹ㹵ҧ

ͧ͢ѹ ö ҵ㨷з

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Have a nice weekend

: (Schnuggy ꡡ ) ѹ: 21 Ҥ 2554 :4:30:41 .  

I love your essay. I wish I can be like you some day in the future. I live in aboard now, but my English still poor. You are right no matter how hard language is , I never give up. thank you for encourage me

: minmaochong (չҩا ) ѹ: 21 Ҥ 2554 :8:42:20 .  


: ١͡ ѹ: 21 Ҥ 2554 :11:14:14 .  

blog ǡѺѹ СѹըԧѺ

: ѹ: 11 áҤ 2554 :11:38:53 .  


: sunny IP: ѹ: 24 áҤ 2554 :16:40:08 .  

English is not the only barrier in getting a job with a top company overseas. Among key things, you need to have the right trainings, skills and ability to meet or exceed job objectives required. Since competition is very high for such an employment, as you know only the best candidate normally gets the offer. For a certain career, money is not always the key driving force for your motivation but the place of work and ability to use your skills and talent to make a difference in this world are.

From a PhD that has worked in new drug discovery at a top pharmaceutical company in the US for more than 20 years. (Good luck to your career, I was also a graduate from PSU in Hat Yai).

: SW IP: ѹ: 26 áҤ 2554 :8:12:26 .  


: ᴧ IP:, ѹ: 20 Ҥ 2555 :1:21:55 .  

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