Today was sunny and warm in England because the winter was already gone and the spring was a new beginning of sorts.

So, going outdoors to feel the sea breeze and watch the seagulls spreading their wings in the air on the seafront was a way that brought joy to me.

Luckily, the spring lets me take a slow-paced life to enjoy my days off and neglect to rush off to work in a frenzy.


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: jinaka IP: ѹ: 21 ¹ 2556 :13:25:18 .  

Many thanks for your kind message.

Sharing an experience in working & living abroad is my main purpose of blogging.

How I can make readers not only enjoy the stories but also can help them improve their English would be an achievement.

To my personal belief, learning a foreign language is how to have a great deal more engaging in it.

Furthermore, readers can pick up a language for free here.


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ҡ仡ҹ ҹö硼´ҹշ

: whiteuniform ѹ: 21 ¹ 2556 :15:50:03 .  


: ˹ ѹ: 22 ¹ 2556 :0:09:08 .  

To me, the best and useful way to increase my English writing skill level is to regularly go to Khun whiteuniform's blog and read all of her posts. Even though I have a great opportunity to learn English because I live in an English speaking country(Canada), I prefer to study,pick up, and absorb the language from her blog.

: Toom IP: ѹ: 24 ¹ 2556 :5:50:03 .  

蹪ҺǤͺ 7 ѡɷ㨧դѾš¹..س͹ѡҡ˹觷ԪҪվ¹ǷͧҹͧѡѧҹЪ蹪..ҹ»շԹŹѾԴҹͺء駷ͤ¹..ͺ蹪ҹҹѹͫ˹¤س..ẺԨҪԵسѴӵѹ.. . 㨢繡ѧФФس ..ԴҺͧͧسջѭ֡ҤشͻѭҪ繵ҧйҹѺҡ..

: Jeabbu IP: ѹ: 30 ¹ 2556 :23:42:02 .  

Clearly, living my life as a foreigner in a foreign land is challenging and I learn a lot.

There are hurdles that I face like loneliness, language barriers, making friends and so on.

However, as I strive to make my life better, I try to get past those issues that are holding me back.

I truly believe if people are enthusiastic about what they do, are committed to everything that they set out to accomplish in life, success is not out of reach.

ҧѴਹ Եͧѹ㹰ҹТͧǵҧҵ蹴ԹҧҵԹ鹷ҷ¤öЩѹ¹ҧҡ

ػäҧѹ༪ԭҧ ⴴҧҧ ػäҧҹ ҧԵ ա

ҧá ҩѹзԵͧѹբ ѹ֧þҪػäҧҹ鹫Ҷǧѹѧ

ѹҧԧ ҤդеǡѺ÷ǡҵͧèз ִ蹶蹵ͷء觷ǡҵؼ㹪Ե 稡Թ֧

: whiteuniform ѹ: 4 Ҥ 2556 :13:37:47 .  

ҹç¹١¹ԡ...ͺѡ ֧ 㨻ͺԨ㹤ѡѡЪ蹪㹤ö㹡¹ѧ...ҧ·ء¤ Т¹Ẻ ҽ֡ҹ¹ ٴ ش ¤...觻¤١ͧ¹Ѿ...سᴧ ͧ¹ѧҧԧѧ ѹͧس¹͡ ҹ ͡С´...繢ѭѺͧ57 ...
դآ آҾ ʹŹФ...

: ᴧ (Kanchanasuwan ) ѹ: 3 Ҥ 2557 :13:09:35 .  

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