Recently, I met one Thai woman who just started work as a cleaner within my unit.

Whenever she came to the side room to do the cleaning, we always had a nice chat.

She revealed that she has been living with her British husband in the UK for over 12 years and has got no children.

One day she came to work with a sad look that was unusual for her. So, I asked her whether something wrong happened to her.

She then disclosed to me with a teary face that she was tired and fed up with all her housework with no help from her husband.

She said that it was like she had to do the endless work of cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing and the like both at work and at home.

When she complained about this matter to her sister, she was suggested to leave her husband for a better chance of finding a better one.

However, she was uncertain to follow her sister's advice and said, 'If I could take the time back, I would never marry a foreign man.'

I calmed her down and offered her my thought that it would be easy to blame each other for things that went wrong when people were in a relationship.

I explained to her that there was no such thing as a perfect relationship, most of the time she would be compromising and she should not call it quit when she was angry and upset.

I think that a good relationship is based upon mutual respect. If people have true respect for one another, then nothing can go wrong.


áҷͧ¡ͷӤҴ ҡաþٴ¡ѹҧ

Դ ѺժѧҪҳҨѡѧҡ 12 Сպص

ѹ˹ҷӧҹ˹ҷ軡Ѻ ѧ ѹ֧պҧ觷ԴԴ鹡Ѻ

֧ͨԴ¡Ѻѹ˹ҷչӵҤ ֡˹˹¡ѺҹҹͧͷȨҡêͨҡբͧ

;ٴ ѹ͹Ѻ͵ͧӧҹ診鹢ͧ÷ӤҴ Ҵ ѴپЧҹ㹷ӹͧ駷ӧҹзҹ

仺ǡѺͧѺǢͧ ͡١й仫ͨ͡ʷաҷ龺Ѻա

ҧá ͡㨷зӵйӢͧǢͧ оٴ 'ҩѹö͹ҡѺ ѹ觧ҹѺµҧҵ'

ѹ͡СʹͤԴ繢ͧѹ ѹ·е˹ԫ觡ѹСѹѺ觵ҧԴҴͤѹҾ

ѹ͸Ժ¡Ѻ ѹ觷繤ѹóẺ ͺʹҨеͧйջй״С÷к͡ԡҡ㹢з͡ѧøзԴѧ

ѹԴ ѹҾբѺþѺͷѹ ҤդþѺ͡ѹҧԧ觡ѹСѹ 觷ҨöԴҴԴ

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