It is generally recognised that studying overseas is a major undertaking, both personally and financially.

Particularly, fears about finance do constrain many people who want to study abroad.

However, there are several potential sources of funding for international students.

When I recently made up my mind to pursue a postgraduate degree in research, the most worrying thing was , of course, funding for studies.

Thus, I began searching for sources of scholarship and found some potential funding sources.

Before approaching them for an application form, I ensured that I was eligible to apply for a scholarship and was able to meet all requirements as well.

Once I submitted a completed application form, I had to wait for an interview appointment if I was considered.

Relating to choosing what subject I wanted to take up, my main consideration was to ask myself what I wished to do and become in my future career path.

In general, one requirement for non-native speakers of English is that they must possess IELTS overall 7.0 with 6.5 in writing. But, this can vary depending upon what the area of studies is.

Most commonly, the postgraduate programmes offer 2 choices to those interested: full-time and part-time.

The full-time course allows students to complete their studies within a certain period of time between 1 and 1.5 years whereas the part-time studies last from 2 to 6 years.

According to application process of any postgraduate courses, applicants are required to write a personal statement.

For a postgraduate research degree, applicants need to write another additional research statement including their areas of interest in research.

Although it may seem uneasy and complicated to find funding and meet all requirements for master degree application, it is worth a try anyway.

ѹ繷Ѻѹ· ¹㹵ҧȤáԨͼ١ѹ˭ҧ˹觷駷ҧҹǹдҹԹ

੾ ҴǷǡѺԹԴѺ駪㨵ͼ餹ӹǹҡѺ¹㹵ҧ

ҧá 觷ع֡ҷѡҾӹǹҡѺѡ¹ҧҵ

ѹѴԹ㨷¹ͻԭⷴҹԨ 觷Եѧҡشҧ͹ ԹعѺ¹

ѧ ѹ֧鹤觢ͧع֡С龺Ѻ觷ع֡Ҩӹǹ˹觷դ

͹价Һ觷ع֡ҹ͢ẺѤ ѹͧ ѹԷѤâͷع Сöзӵ͡˹蹡ѹ

ѹշѹẺѤ÷͡º ѹͧͤ¡ùѴɳ ҩѹ١ѺþԨó

ǹǢͧѺҢԪҷѹͧè¹ þԨóѡͧѹͩѹͧ ѹöҷзеͧ˹ҧҪվ͹Ҥͧѹ

· ͡˹˹ѺѧҵԴ ҹ鹵ͧդṹ
¢ͧ IELTS 7.0 Фṹǹ¹ 6.5 çǹᵡҧѹ仢ѺäҢҡ¹

»Ըǹ˭ ͨҡԭҵʹͷҧ͡ 2 ҧͼʹ: ѡٵҡѺѡٵù͡

ѡٵ͹حҵѡ¹¹֡㹪ǧҷ͹ҧ 1 1 դ зѡٵù͡ҹҹҡ 2 ն֧ 6

ǹǡѺкǹâͧѤѡٵá¹ѧԭҵ Ѥ١˹¹§繤ʹǹǵѡٵ˹§

Ѻѡٵ÷ǡѺҧҹԨ Ѥè繵ͧ¹§ա˹§Сͺ仴¢ͺࢵʹ㨷ҧԨ

ѹдҡ͡ҷع¹С÷ӵ͡˹ ҧáѹҵͧ͡

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