Do you ever seem to say the wrong thing to someone and feel stupid about it afterward?

A week back I invited a group of colleagues for a Thai meal in a local Thai restaurant and all of them seemingly enjoyed it pretty much.

After meal we moved to a popular English pub where a music did not rise above talking volume and DJ played cocktail jazz.

After some drinks I tended to talk more but less hard on my conscience.

So, when seeing two men were smooching in that pub, I then jokingly said out loud, 'I do not understand why a man is physically attracted to another man, what it would be like a man kisses a man rather than being intimate to a woman.'

There was a quick response from one young male colleague with a handsome figure, he calmly asked me, 'What is wrong about being gay?'

After that embarrassing moment, of course I apologised him for saying that. I think I have learned a lesson so far from saying things without thinking.

I must admit I felt a lot of shame for days after getting tipsy on that night and making a silly mistake.

We have heard people make dumb remarks and that is often good for a laugh. But, in fact it not only hurts other people's feeling but also endangers our reputation.


͹ѺҷԵ ѹԭ͹ҹ˹价ҹ·ҹ·ͧ˹оǡҷ͹ҧҡ仡Ѻ͹

ѧ ǡҡ价Ѻѧɷ繷˹觷§ͧѧ仡ҡʹҾٴдਡŧʷҡ

ѧҡԴ˹ ѹоٴҡСʵѭйŧ

ѧ繼ͧѧʹٺٺӡѹ㹼Ѻ觹 ѹ֧ٴ§ѧҧš 'ѹ¨ԧҷ¶֧֡١֧ٴҧҹҧ¡Ѻ´¡ѹ ѹ֡ҧùͼ¨ٺ´¡ѹ᷹ԴѺ˭ԧ'

աõͺʹͧѺҧǴǨҡ͹ҹ¤˹觫ٻҧ˹ҵҴҡѹҧ 'ѹԴͷ?'

ѧҡ˵ءó¹ ҧ͹ѹѺþٴҧ ѹԴҩѹ¹麷¹˹觵繵Ҩҡþٴҧ觺ҧҧԴͧ¡͹

ѹͧѺ ѹ֡ҧҡѧҡֹ硹㹤׹ǡӼԴҴҧ

ǡҤԹ餹Ӿٴк¤駷Ӿٴҧ§ҧ ҨԧǤӾٴ§з¤֡ͧѹѧ§ͧҵѹ´

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