In the beginning, I was one of those non-native speakers of English who were reluctant and afraid to speak English.

I was kind of worried about being perfect and felt embarrassed for every mistake when talking to someone in English.

I probably tried to speak too slowly with too many pauses, so it became unnatural and harder to be understood.

Often, during a conversation, my words were slurred because I did not move my lips and tongue enough when I was speaking.

The journey of improving my English speaking, as I recall it, was
long and unyielding.

Eventually, I learned that speaking proper English did not always mean following a strict set of rules.

But, it was more important to be understood and to know how to speak clearly and appropriately according to the situation.

To overcome hurdles in learning to speak English, I began revising basic grammar rules I learned in school, reading more often and observing surrounding people's speeches.

And, most importantly, I just practised speaking as much as possible and asked people to correct me.

I remember a good English friend of mine said that my main goal in communicating with others was making it easily understood.

I was also told that most native speakers expected mistakes from non-native speakers.

As I am an English language learner, I must say that key to success in learning a language is to work hard at it and devote oneself to it.

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