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When love came to me, I woke up and that person came to my mind, thinking about that person made me smile.

Every day our love grew, having that person gave my life a meaning.

There was no doubt about my feeling in which I was truly in love.

The overwhelming feeling came over me and I just felt like the luckiest person in the world.

It was very lame but true, I wholeheartedly had a feeling with that person.

However, when love came to an end, to encourage my heart that love did not work out this time was so hard.

In the beginning, often the thought of possibly being back together crept in, distracting me from the work of healing.

In the end, I accept the truth that things happen for a reason.

There is no benefit in holding on to heartache, so to let go is the best way.

It is said if it is a deep and long-lasting love, it will stand the test of time when nothing else does.

Happiness can be found in the other areas of life and at least good memories of lost love can be kept forever.

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: boohoo ѹ: 27 Ҥ 2554 :17:36:17 .  

Eventually, you have good memories
of lost love being kept forever..

: SkylineKip ѹ: 27 Ҥ 2554 :18:20:11 .  

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