I have never ever thought that I would be able to practise a yoga (I mean all kinds of yoga) until lately because of my greatest desire of having a toned body (ha...).

Nearly a month ago, I got a very good deal from Groupon with 10 90-minute sessions of Bikram Yoga or hot yoga for just only £29.99 (about £3.00 per session).

So, I attended my first yoga session in a yoga studio nearby where I live and I got no clue what would happen in the class.

In the beginning, I roughly knew that Bikram Yoga, also known as hot yoga, is a style of yoga with 26 yoga postures and two breathing exercises.

I must admit that I was anxious and uncertain about the flexibility and capability of my body but I just wanted to give myself a try.

My first yoga session ended in being soaked with sweat (because of practising in the room of 105 fahrenheit degree heat) and feeling very exhausted after a class and aching all over my body in the following day.

However, it was unbelievable that after my 5 consecutive sessions my health, body and overall well-being have noticeably improved.

I still have 5 sessions left on this promotional offer and will continue until the end for sure.

I cannot wait to see a new me with a new hot body (ha...).

ѹ¤Դ ѹö֡¤ (ѹ¶֧ҧͧ¤) зҤͧ÷˭شͧٻҧ蹵֧ͧ (...)

ͺ˹͹ҹ ѹѺʹͧ͢â·ҡҡ껻ͧѺ 10 90 ҷբͧ¤¤͹§ 29.99 ͹ (ҳ 3 ͹ 1 )

ѧ ѹ֧¤Фáʵٴ¤Ѻѹ ЩѹҨԴâͧ¹

㹪ǧ ѹҧ ¤Ыѡѹ㹹ͧ¤͹蹡ѹ ٻẺͧ¤з 26 2 Ẻͧý֡á

ѹͧѺ ѹ֡ԵѧǡѺ״Фöͧҧ¢ͧѹ ѹ§ͧǩѹ鷴ͧ

áͧý֡¤Тͧѹŧ¡¡仴˧ (ͧҡý֡ͧդ͹ͧسԶ֧ 105 ͧҿù) Ф֡˹ҡѧҡ֡ͧ Сҡ纻Ǵ价Ƿ駵ѹ觢

ҧá ѹͨԧ ѧҡ֡Դ͡ѹ 5 آҾ ҧФçͧѹբҧѧࡵ

ѹѧա 5 Ѻʹͧ͢â¹СФ֡ӵ仨з觶֧͹ҧ͹

ѹöͤ·繩ѹѺٻҧ͹ç (...)

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