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Being a nurse, I witness people struggle against a multitude of physical and mental illnesses from time to time.

I ever wonder why some people have worse luck than the others and it is not something that they can control.

There is one of my patients who seems to never get a break from bad luck.

He joined the army when he was very young at the age of just 16 and it was the only job he knew how to do those days.

Whilst working as a soldier, he suffered severe depression from seeing the blood slaying that caused self-infliction.

At any time he became paranoid and could not sleep days and nights, he cut himself on both arms that marked a lot of hideous scars.

Life in the army adversely affected his family. He then ended in a bitter divorce and did not see his two daughters for a very long time.

After giving in the army service, he became severely ill, having a kidney failure and a progressive liver disease.

He frequently misses out a dialysis and has a problem of fluid overload in the body.

One time I was explaining him about being more careful with the problem, he looked on me in full regret.

And, he said to me, 'Da, I know I greatly harm myself with binge drinking but I have not got anything else to turn to. I am just a weak human being.'

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it's a very beautiful music &song.even I don' understand much what is meaning of the song.it a bit like Sek-lo-so music style ,lovelyyyyy.. enjoy learning english with your blogg.thank you..

: lin IP: ѹ: 30 չҤ 2555 :6:09:43 .  

I accidently listened to dhamma talk last night. I remember one word .lungpor told .when our body problem healing with medical care. but when our mind problem healing with Dhama..lord buddha has give us great medical.do my english ok?..haaa! don't know don't care..

: lin IP: ѹ: 30 չҤ 2555 :6:35:57 .  

I wish he could be stronger na ka..

: Orange Flowers ѹ: 2 ¹ 2555 :16:53:28 .  

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