Many people may ever wonder, 'Is their English good enough for international university?'

I think it depends on what course you want to do and where you want to do it.

For university studies in UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada, overseas students are required to have an IELTS level of 6 for most undergraduate courses.

Whereas, USA universities require overseas students to have an TOEFL (Paper) of 550 or TOEFL (Computer) of 213.

Some English language requirements for courses in different universities may vary.

It is imperative that you know what your level of English is if you plan to further your study in a university abroad.

You can go online and check your level of English for free on many websites - // or // or //

Once, you know your certain English level, you will know which English course is suitable for you if you need to improve your English.

In my case, after completing a 3-month IELTS course, I first sat an IELTS exam.

My score result was 6 but unfortunately, I needed a score of 7.

At the time, I simply believed that I needed to make substantial improvement in my English before I could raise my IELTS result by one band.

Therefore, I decided to study at home on my own in order to achieve an IELTS score of 7 as required.

I made my own action plan and spent 1 month on following it.

Then, I took the exam for the second time and saw my own progress because I got the score of 7 as needed.

However, no-one can make promises about how quickly you can improve your English because everyone is different and it may take you longer or shorter to raise your English improvement.

As long as you keep on practicing your English, success will come to you sooner or later.

ӹǹҡҨʧ 'ѧɢͧǡҴվѺ¹ͷԷµҧ?'

ѹԴ ѹѺѡٵ÷سͧè¹ з˹سͧè¹ѹ

Ѻ¹ԷҪҳҨѡѧ ǫŹ ᤹Ҵ ѡ¹ҧҵԶ١˹ṹ 6 Ѻѡٵâͧѡ֡һԭҵǹ˭

з Է¢ͧѰԡ ˹ѡ¹ҧҵԵͧդṹ (͡) 550 () 213

͡˹ҧҹѧɢͧѡٵõҧ Է·ᵡҧ ᵡҧ仴

ѹӤѭسеͧ дѺ˹дѺѧɢͧس ҤسҧἹ¹ͷԷ㹵ҧ

سö仵Ǩͺ͹ŹǡѺдѺѧɢͧس 䫵ҧӹǹҡ - // // //

㴷سдѺѧɷ͹ͧس س ѡٵѧѹ˹СѺس ҤسͧþѲѧɢͧس

㹡óբͧѹ ѧҡ¹ѡٵ 3 ͹ ѹҹͺ繤á

Ťṹͧѹ 6 ⪤շѹ繵ͧṹ 7

ҹ ѹҧ ѹ繵ͧӡþѲѧɢͧѹҧҡ ͹ѹöŤṹͧѹա 1 ṹ

ѧ ѹ֧ѴԹ㨷¹ҹµǢͧѹͧ ͷṹ 7 ١˹

ѹἹŧͻԺѵµͧ 1 ͹㹡ûԺѵԴἹ

ǩѹͺա繤駷ͧ С繡þѲҡ˹Ңͧǩѹͧ ѹṹ 7 ١ͧ

ҧá öҧѭ ҧǴ˹سöѲѧɢͧس ءᵡҧѹ ѹҨзسҹҹŧ ¡дѺþѲѧɢͧس

Һ㴷سѧ֡ѧɢͧس 稡Ҥسҡ

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