To many people, especially the youngster when first arriving abroad for work or study, they feel as if their life comes to an end because of no friends and no social support system.

The feelings of isolation, identity crisis and culture shock seem unbearable for those who move to another country.

So, in a moment of loneliness, meeting someone special and having some romance is likely to be a real treat.

In fact, there is nothing wrong to have the company of a special one when struggling to adapt to a new country as love can give people strength to fight weakness.

However, having been living abroad for many years, I have witnessed the lovestruck stories amongst Thai students that wreck their good future prospect.

One story happened to a young beautiful Thai girl who flew to England to pursue her master degree and fell in love with a senior graduate student at university.

She came from a well-known family background in Thailand and was raised in a protective way, so meeting a special person in a new country was like a heaven-sent moment.

Unfortunately, she became pregnant which discontinued her study and when her family knew about it, she was furiously taken back home.

Another account is about a Thai boy who came to study in a private English high school and met a girl who was in the same school.

Anyhow, he was unable to cram for studying because of destructive lust that impeded his motivation of education achievement.

And, they finally broke up and the boy went back to Thailand without good qualification.

Of course, it is acceptable that the youth can have a relationship whilst studying as long as they will not get too much distracted from the main purpose of studying.

Ѻӹǹҡ੾Ф˹Ҷ֧ҧ㹪ǧá͡÷ӧҹ͡¹ ǡ֡ǡѺҪԵͧǡҶ֧شͧҡ͹кʹѺʹعӨعͧѧ

֡ͧҧⴴ ԡĵԡŢͧ繵ǵͧͧ ֡ѺʹѲ ͹зѺ餹ҹ鹷ա˹

ѧ 㹪ǢТͧҧҧ 龺ѺҧͧѡҧҨ繡÷դآҧԧ

㹤ԧ Դ÷餹͹͡ѧҿѹùлѺǡѺ ͧҨҡҤѡ秡Ѻ餹͵Ѻ͹

ҧá Ե㹵ҧ» ѹ龺ͧǢͧö١ѡͧѡ¹«价͹Ҥբͧǡ


Ҩҡ鹰ҹͺǷժ§ͧС١§ẺФ˧ͧҵʹ ѧ鹡龺Ѻɤ˹㹻͹Ѻ繪ǧҷ١äзҹͧ



ҧá ҡö仡Ѻ¹ͧҡŧ«价ç٧㨢ͧҵ͡Ѻ稢ͧ֡¹


͹ѹöѺǪ˹ǨѹҾͧѡзѧ֡¹ Һ㴷ǡҨ١ҡԹ仨ҡشاѡͧ֡¹

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