Last week, I attended a training in London and by chance met a nurse anaesthetist in the class.

A nurse anesthetist is a specially trained registered nurse who administers anaesthetics to patients undergoing surgical procedures and usually works in a hospital operating room.

It then inspires me to consider a career as a nurse anaesthetist in order to add another specialty area to my professional profile besides haemodialysis nursing and intensive care nursing.

I always believe that education helps me to perform the day to day task of life more effectively and leads to more job opportunities with a wider choice of jobs.

In oder to be able to enrol in anaesthesic nursing programme at King's College London, I begin looking for funding from a private and government sectors for a financial support.

The programme costs nearly £4,000 and lasts 24 months.

Hopefully, the funding will be granted and I would be able to commence the programme within this year.

In the UK, there is a number of grants and bursaries available to help with learning costs.

Fortunately, the UK higher education system provides internationally recognised qualifications of the highest standard.

To me, I would appreciate holding a UK nursing qualification.

As the saying goes, 'Education helps open the door but you must enter by yourself.'

ҷԵ ѹý֡ͺ͹͹ºѧԭ龺ѺѭվҺŤ˹ͧͺ

ѭվҺ Һŷ١֡繾 ͡źѺ·ѧѺüҵѴлԡзӧҹͧҵѴͧçҺ

ѹѹ㨩ѹԨóҶ֧ҪվͧѭվҺ ͷӹҭաҢ˹ѺѵҧҪվͧѹ ͡˹仨ҡþҺСþҺż˹ѡ

ѹ ֡ҨЪѹԺѵԡԨѵûШѹͧԵҧջԷҾ觢 С͡ʷҡ鹷ҧҪվ·ҧ͡ҧ§ҹ

ͷöѤѡٵѭվҺŷ King's College London ѹ֧ͧҷعҡҤ͡ҤѰ ʹѺʹعҧҹԹ

ѡٵù»ҳͺ 4,000 ͹ (ҳ 200,000 ҷ) ҹҹ 24 ͹

ѧ âͷعѺ͹ѵ ЩѹҨ鹡¹ѡٵù㹻չ

ҪҳҨѡѧ ѹԹԹع֡Ҩӹǹҡ·ѴͷЪ¤·ҧҹ¹

ҧ⪤ к֡дѺ٧ͧҪҳҨѡѧ سزдѺҵðҹ٧ѺѺдѺҹҪҵ

Ѻѹ ѹ֡蹪աسز˹觷ҧҹþҺŢͧҪҳҨѡѧ

ѧӾٴ '֡ҪԴе سͧԹ仴µǢͧسͧ'

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ѧФ Т;þ㨪¤

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Sawadee ka Khun Da.
Best wishes to you and future scholarship. We couldn't be more proud to have a Thai nurse like you in London :)

These are flowers from my balcony for you, na ka. Have a wonderful day :)

: diamondsky ѹ: 23 Ҥ 2554 :18:37:27 .  

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