Frankly, when I finished my university degree many years ago, it was impossible for me to be able to go abroad for work or study.

The years passed by quickly, I had a good flash of inspiration about the plan of a new start outside my homeland.

Nevertheless, it was not easy at all because those days my level of English was not good enough to use as the means of communicating with other people or meet different people.

Even if in countries like Thailand where English is not utilized as an official language, I was determined to learn to improve my English.

In the beginning, I did what I could to extend the ability in English.

After I had left Thailand for the UK, I continued practising the English language.

Years by years, my ability to master a new language has progressed.

I must say that the confidence to actually have a good command of the language helps me to open doors and create opportunities in life.

Now, I feel very comfortable to connect with people all around the world through the English.

Also, English helps to advance my career and I feel more at ease if I want to work in any English-speaking countries all over the globe.

From the bottom of my heart, if I can have a better future by the use of English as an initial pass, anybody else can make it happen for sure.

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ҡ㨨ԧ ҩѹö͹Ҥբ¡ѧԡҧá 椹㴡öѹԴҧ͹ش

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Cheer cheer na ka...

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