The other day I attended a leaving do party for a senior female nurse who has worked a long time in our department.

And, I like the concept of this farewell party, 'there is no need to be sentimental or sad but rather than thanks for her long and great work.'

The party was held in a lovely English pub near our hospital and everyone in the department was invited.

I was a bit late because of having trouble to find the pub. So, there was only a few of people remaining there but luckily, I had a chance to say goodbye to my colleague and wished her a good retirement.

About a half hour later, there was a group of five including me sitting at the same table, continually chatting up whilst sipping a drink.

After a few drinks, one of my male colleagues began revealing his ill-fated love story which has left him with just pain.

He has been on and off in a relationship for a quite long time and has found that most of his romance has not been in ways one would dream of.

He regretted having wasted a great deal of his time and emotion in the relationship and moaned and groaned that true love did not exist in reality.

Sadly, when love goes wrong, anguish can be unavoidable.

I think love can strike us at any time and there are people who are fortunate of finding a soul mate.

Believe it or not, 'Cupid', the god of love, still takes action in assisting people to pursue their true love.


ЩѹͺǤԴͧҹ§觹 'դ繷еͧ֡͹繡âͺسѺ÷ӧҹǹҹдͧҡ'


ѹͧҡѺӺҡ㹡ҼѺ ѧ鹨֧§ҡѡѧ ҧ⪤թѹ͡ʡǤҡѺ͹ҹ鹢ͧѹСʴöҴѺ³آͧ

ҳ觪ѧҡ §ͧҤ駵ǩѹǡѹѧٴШԺͧ仴ҧͧ

ѧҡѡѡ ˹㹺ô͹ҹ¤˹觡Դ¶֧ͧǤѡ⪤¢ͧҫ觷Ѻ纻Ǵ

͡ѹҾͧѡҤ͹ҧҹҡ鹾 ѡͧǷҧ褹˹ѹ

֡㨷Ф֡ҧҡѹҾСӤǭʹǭ ѡ㹤繨ԧ

ҧ ͤѡԴҴ 纻Ǵ㨡öա§

ѹԴ ѡöվǡءͷءСռ餹⪤շ龺Ѻ

'ǻԴ' 觤ѡѧӡêͼ餹㹡õѡͧǡ

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