This morning when I woke up and looked out of the windows in my bedroom, the weather looked promising.

It was my luck because I had a day off today and it was a sunny day. So, I made a lovely plan of going out to the town centre for shopping and having a Japanese meal.

After meal, I walked along the seafront and enjoyed the cool breeze that came from the sea.

Because it was a weekday, there were not too many people
wandering on the beach.

I must admit during the summertime I am kind of lazy and only want to really live at a relaxed pace.

At least I could forget the anxieties of life for a day. And, tomorrow I will be back to work being busy and cannot totally be at ease.

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: madame_vann ѹ: 20 Զع¹ 2555 :21:30:50 .  

I like Brighton but expensive car park ...

: Nui Salisbury IP: ѹ: 22 Զع¹ 2555 :16:23:58 .  

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