I must admit I dislike flying because the worst thing about flying for me is being canned like a sardine for hours and hours.

The strange noises and lights in airplane are probably the most irritating.

Especially, I am petrified of the stomach feeling when a plane is landing and taking off.

Funnily, even though I dislike getting on a plane, nearly 3 weeks ago, I planned to visit my friend in Singapore.

And, it was the first time I took a chance to fly with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

My journey began by taking the train from Brighton to London and then getting in the tube to Heathrow Airport.

At Heathrow Airport, the line was huge at the boarding gate, security was intense and a crowd of people shuffled through the gate.

I flew from London to Amsterdam which took about 45 minutes and then had an immediate connecting flight to Singapore which was about a 12-hour itinerary.

From London to Amsterdam, I was seated nearly the end of the plane and in the middle between the two Doutch men which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Fortunately, I got a window seat next to a lovely couple from Amsterdam to Singapore.

After my arrival in Singapore, I spent the first week having a jet-lag and felt really awful.

Honestly, I am now having no plan to fly to anywhere.

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ҧҢѹ ҩѹͺâͧԹ ͺ 3 ҷԵ͹ ѹҧἹ͹ԧ

ѹ繤áѹͧ§кԹѺ¡úԹ KLM Royal Dutch

ôԹҧͧѹ âö俨ҡ Brighton London ǡöԹ价ʹԹ Heathrow

ʹԹ Heathrow ҡеٷҧͧ ѡҤʹ¡Ǵ н٧´´ѹѹҹе

ѹԹҡ London Amsterdam һҳ 45 ҷ С¹ͧѹյ价ԧ 繡Թҧҳ 12

ҡ London Amsterdam ѹͺзͧͧԹС觵çҧҧªǴѷ 2 觷ѹִ֡Ѵ硹

⪤ ѹ觢ҧ˹ҵҧѴҡѡѡ˹觨ҡ Amsterdam Singapore

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FRA-BKK Non-Stop 11

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".... being canned like a sardine for hours and hours" ... 繴ҧ觤 :))

ʴդФس ... 仨ҡ÷ѡ¹ҹä ... ѧԴ͡س Ф Ҥس˹ ͹ԧͧФ ùͧԹҹ ҧҡʹء ʹءѺô˹ѧҴФ :)) .... ͹ Ҩش»·ҧ ҧͧ ... very painful to cope with jet lag Ф һѺ ҷԵ͹ѹ ... ҡѧ Թ Фس Ẻ ^^" :))....

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¡ͧ㴹͡ҡʹ¤Ѻ ѧ䧡ѧ ͧŧҢҧҧ лʹ¡ͧʹʹԷ ͹͡˭

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