I have one very touching story of the love and dedication to share with you and hopefully, it can inspire you.

There is a 75-year-old male patient who has suffered the end-stage kidney failure for many years, in which he needs dialysis or transplantation to stay alive.

He comes to the heamodialysis unit I have worked within 3 times a week for dialysis and I have developed a good rapport with him.

We always have a good talk and laughter together whilst he is having a dialysis.

He said that he is one of the luckiest persons because of the love and dedication his wife has shown to him after he endured a kidney disease many years ago.

The couple has been married for over 40 years and his wife has cared for him full-time from the start since he was critically ill 20 years ago.

When he was first admitted to hospital, his wife was taken into a side room to be told that his illness could be fatal.

Initially, his progress was very slow and he was bedbound and unable to sit up, his wife barely left his side.

When his wife was told that he could have a potential recovery if he received a live donor kidney transplant.

Without hesitation, his wife offered her kidney to be transplanted into his failed kidney in order to help him to have a better quality of life.

However, the terrible fate awaited them after a year of having a transplant, his replaced kidney failed to function so he has to fully rely on a dialysis for life afterwards.

No matter what circumstance is, his wife is a positive, proactive and practical person who encourages him to live as full a life as possible within the remit of his abilities.

She has dedicated her life not only to saving his life but also to caring for him and to encouraging him to rebuild his life back.

I think we may fall in love or deeply love another. However, there are times when infinite and measureless love is given freely to the loved one no matter what.

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