This coming Sunday a friend of mine at work is going to have her birthday party.

Not so long ago, I showed off my Thai style of cooking to her, so she asks me to make some Thai dishes for her party.

I am planning to cook something that everyone will be willing to try and eat.

I then got on the internet and started searching for what type of Thai food that would be mouthwatering, appealing and most suitable for those foreign palates.

I am considering to make one menu of starter and the other of main course including chicken satay and Thai fried noodle with prawn.

The reason I choose these two dishes is because they are very popular among foreigners.

In relation to classic Thai chicken satay with real peanut sauce, I believe people will simply fall in love with the succulent taste of this satay recipe.

Chicken satay also makes a great party food.

Talking about Phad Thai or Thai style fried noodle, this dish is apparently a favorite for visitors to Thailand for sure.

It is well-known that Thai noodles are among those of the most popular in the world and when people taste them, they will know why.

So, I will definitely give this Thai stir-fried noodle a try to attract a fan of Asian noodles.

I want to impress the guests and want them to have a very pleasant experience to taste Thai food.

Hopefully, I will be able to make these two recipes an amazingly tasty meal and look very much alike the above pictures in celebration of the birthday party that everyone can remember for long.

Let's go and rock a party with Thai food!

ѹҷԵҶ֧ ͹ӧҹ˹觢ͧѹѧէҹѹԴͧ

ҹҹ ѹǴ÷Ѻ ѧ֧ͨͧѹºҧҧѺҹͧ

ѹѧҧἹ зúҧҧء㨷зͧ

ѹ֧պ礷ԹС鹷ӡä »˹Ҩǹ ֧ٴ ССѺ鹢ͧǵҧҵҡش

ѹѧԨóҨз ˹ҧѡաѡҧ˹ 觻Сͺ仴 мѴ¡

˵ؼŷѹ͡ 2 ҧ ѹʹҧǵҧҵԹͧ

ǹǡѺẺԡѺʶǢͧԧ ѹ 餹еѡҧ´仡ѺʪҵѹͪҢͧٵѹ

蹡ѹ зçҹʹʹ

Ҿٴ֧ѴҡǼѴẺ èҹ èҹôͧ͹ͧ·

ѹ繷ѡѹҧ ҧҹ鹷繷ҡشš ͼ餹ѹ ǡҡҷ

ѧ ѹ֧ͧͧӡǼѴ¨ҹҧ͹ ͷд֧ٴ蹪ͺ

ѹͧ÷зᢡҹ鹻зѺ еͧǡջʺóҾ֧ҧҡ仡Ѻê

ѧ ѹöٵͧҧ÷ʹҧȨ С͡˹ҵ͹ѺٻҾҧ 繡éͧҹѹԴءöШ仹ҹʹҹ

仡ѹоǡ 件ҹ¡ѹ!

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