I just heard about the kind of utterly sad story that would send chills up the spine of every parent.

There was a teenage Thai girl raised in a foreign culture. About 15 years ago her mother married a British man and she moved to the UK with her mother when she was just 2 years old.

She has never known who her father is because her mother worked in a bar in Thailand and was pregnant her. She was taken care of by her grandmother since birth.

She can understand the Thai language but cannot speak it well. She is like any other teen girls who are in their teenage years, having normal rebellion, though difficult to live with.

She always argues with her mother incessantly and her defiant manner always upsets her mother and this makes the relationship between the two become increasingly strained.

One day her mother was telling her how to be a generally well-behaved girl. And, she was furious with her mother's instruction.

She then said to her mother, 'You who have got a foreign husband are not better than me even a lot worse than me. So, don't tell me how to behave.' Her saying badly hurt her mother's feeling.

In fact, it has never been easy to deal with a teenage rebellion.

However, I believe that the parent's unending love and support can greatly help them to grow and proceed in maturity to adulthood even when they are disappointed by their teens' behaviour.


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