The other day I visited London the first time after moving out of the city 2 years ago.

I arrived in London with some friends at an early hour in the morning. However, there were a few observations about how London has changed in just two years.

After getting off the underground train, we decided to go for lunch in China Town.

The restaurant scene in London was still outstanding. The food and variety was still superior.

We agreed to try a Japanese restaurant rather than a commonplace Chinese one.

Noisy restaurants were just as noisy. The majority of Japanese dishes were rich and delicious and of value for money.

After meal, we headed to Oxford Street for shopping. And, it seemed the well-dressed people in London did appear far more effortless than the outside of the city.

It was overcrowded and expensive in central London, in particular during this Christmas time but queues in London were seemingly well-mannered.

Funnily enough, London did give time and space to babies and their increasingly cumbersome prams.

One thing about London was that attractions were mostly open all year round even in the winter it was dark by early evening (4:00 PM).

Anyway, I generally still love London although many of the qualities that made it great are declining.

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