A few days ago, I watched the above video on YouTube and knew right away the video was made in Brighton where I have lived because of its familiar background - small colorful holiday houses, beaches, buildings, streets.

So, I then searched for more information about those two artists and discovered that they both are long-time good friends who have lived and been to the same school in Brighton.

'Rizzle Kicks' is the name of this newly formed duo who is becoming eminent for their music talent.

One day, they started making their own music videos with a friend of theirs as the above one.

And, they have finally been found and signed by a record company and are becoming popular as a new face in the today music world.

Personally, there are something I am stunned about this pair.

First, to be frank, their music with big beats and cheeky lyrics makes me smile and want to dance when watching them playing.

Instead of causing trouble like other teens, they get together and make the fun elements of the old school hip-hop music to cheer people up.

They both come from an average family background where chances of succeeding in life are seemingly limited but they do not let that impact on their life.

Nowadays, many parents have got to deal with a problem teen - defiant, failing school, drug abuse or legal problems.

And, dealing with rebellious teens is tough because they are wanting to pronounce their independence and individuality to their parents and society.

I think these two music artists set a good example for teens by using their musical talent to live up to their hopes and dreams.

As the saying goes, 'Do not let what you cannot do stop you from doing what you can do. By John Wooden'.

ͧѹ͹ ѹմ˹觺 YouTube СѺѹ մ͹鹶١Ӣ Brighton ͧѹ ҡҧ¢ͧմ - ҹѡҡҡѧ硷ѹ Ҵ Ҥúҹ͹ ˹ҧ

ѧ ѹ֧ӡäҢǡѺŻԹ 2 С羺 ҷ駤͹ʹԷѹҹҹ¹ç¹ǡѹ Brighton

'Rizzle Kicks' ͧ͢ŻԹǡѹ 觡ѧժ§ҹöҧ

ѹ˹ 鹷зԡմѺ͹繢ͧͧ ѧմ͢ҧ

㹷ش ҡ١鹾ѭҡѺѷѹ֡§˹ СѧŻԹѧѺ 㹰ҹŻԹ˹šͧѹ

ǹ ѹպҧ觷ѹ֡蹪ͺǡѺŻԹ

ҧá ҧç仵ç բͧǡҷСͺ仴¨ѧз˹ѡФͧ鹹 ѹСͧ÷ء پǡ蹴

᷹ҧѭ͹Ѻ蹷 ǡǡѹҧäҢͧԻͻç¹ʹءʹҹ ͷз餹֡ԧ

ǡҨҡ鹰ҹͺǷ ͡ʷлʺ㹪Ե͹ըӡѴ ǡҡ觹ռšз;ǡ

Ѩغѹ µͧѺ͡Ѻ蹷ջѭ - ͵ҹҷ ˹ç¹ ʾԴ ѭҷҧµҧ

СѺ͡Ѻ蹷Ϳѧ˹ѡ˹ҡ ͧҡҹ鹵ͧûСȤФ͡Ȣͧǡҵ;ѧ

ѹԴ ŻԹդҧҧѺ ¡äҧҹյ͡ôԹԵ仵ѧФѹͧǡ

ѧӾٴ 'һ÷سöشسҡ÷÷سö John Wooden'

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