'Room In Your Heart'

It's dark and cold tonight
I'm walkin' all alone
And one step at a time
I'm gettin closer
I know she's hard to find
Instinctively I try
To take the path of love
Into the night

There would be no reason
If you really didn't care
There would be no reason for love

The door is open wide
Is anybody there
I know this must be the room in your heart
I really don't know why
But it's so easy to breathe
I know this must be the
Room in your heart

No answers, questioning
No one's been here before
I am the first to see
The light on your door
If I can hold you now
I wouldn't disagree
If there are no walls protecting me

There would be no reason
If you really didn't care
There would be no reason
For love

I can feel it
I can feel it
I can feel the love that's surrounding me
Coming in and out of you
Won't you show me the way

By Mike Francis

Regardless of how my love relationship ended in the past, I certainly do not want to go through such phase again.

In my case, getting over a lost love is one of the most difficult things I ever encounter in life.

I have no idea how other people have successfully mended a broken heart.

To me, a heartache might not go away easily but with effort and time, I now get better.

As life goes on, I live up to the hope that a brighter future may be blooming again.

Yet, when knowing that the former love has already found a new love, it brings out emotions and memories back to me.

In spite of feeling sad and missing a relationship, I bless him and his new love.

Certainly, if I still focus on the past, I am not going to see a brighter future.

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ԵͧԹ ѹԹ仵ѧ ͹Ҥʴʡҡѧ觺ҹա

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͹ش ҩѹѧѺʹյ ѹͧ͹Ҥʴʡ

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