Two days ago, I attended a health research training course with a group of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals.

As I have planned to take a Master degree of Clinical Research in the upcoming academic year. So, getting a bit of training says I care enough to at least begin to learn about the area I am interested in.

However, I was not aware that most of attendees at the training were top-level in their professions: consultant, professor.

I was jaw-dropping to know about their experience and educational background when we were introducing ourselves in turn in the beginning of the training.

Attending this training session gave me a sound and proper prospective on the subject I have no experience before.

Particularly, those intelligent participants helped me learn how to walk before jumping.

The training covered the essentials required for the journey into clinical research, without the need for lengthy theoretical discussion.

By the end of the training, I found myself more enjoyable and less terrified.

Also, I felt grateful for the training provider, the training lecturer and of course, those talented attendees.

Just as when building a house, I now have a firmer foundation on which to construct research knowledge for my future studies.

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