It has been a week on my new job as a scrub nurse in a very busy operating theatre. And, even though it is not my first time for the start of a new job, it is still quite overwhelming for me.

There is so much to learn in addition to the duties related to the job I was hired for.

Shortly before I started my new job, I had hoped that it would be nice to see a friendly face when I walked through the door on my first day.

As luck would have it, I met one nice and friendly English co-worker whose job is a health care assistant.

Our friendship kicked off when she saw my full name on my ID badge and instantly knew that I am a Thai as she is familiar with Thai names through a series of journeys to Thailand and other south-east Asian countries.

It is so obvious to me that she is a young girl with a high degree of intelligence. So, I could not hold my curiosity of why she works as a health care assistant.

She then revealed that she graduated in Linguistics from University of Cambridge which is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centres.

She is competent to master 5 languages (Hebrew, English, French, German and Italian) which simply allows her to travel the world as desired.

It may seem unbelievable why she is not able to have a better job in comparison with her knowledge.

She said that it was very difficult to get a certain type of the job she was capable of doing concerning her talent.

However, she has a dream of pursuing a medical degree and become a surgeon afterwards.

Her positive attitude about future life is so encouraging and it makes me want to do my best to become a nurse anaesthetist one day as dreamed of.

'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.' By Walt Disney

ѹ˹ҷԵǡѺҹͧѹ㹵˹觾ҺͧҵѴͧҵѴҡ˹ ѹáͧѹѺ鹧ҹ ѹѧԷԾŷ鹵ͩѹ͹ҧҡ


͹ѹ鹧ҹͧѹҹѡ ѹѧ ѹշ龺繡Ѻ˹ҵҷԵͩѹԹҹһеѹáͧѹ

͹Ҥ⪤ ѹ龺Ѻ͹ҹѧɷԵä˹觫觷ӧҹ繼¾Һ

ԵҾͧ鹢繪ͧѹѵþѡҹҧѹ ѹ繤ͧҨҡͤ¡Ѻ¼ҹҧԹҧ¤˹价ջлµѹ͡§

ѹѴਹҧҡѺѹ ˭ԧ͹줹˹觷մադҴǷ٧ ѧ鹩ѹ֧ö纤ҡҡ繢ͧѹ ֧ͨҷӧҹ繼¾Һ

֧ͨԴ ͨ֡ҷҧҹҵҡԷԴ˹㹺ôԷ·ҡشš˹㹺ôٹԪҡê˹Ңͧš

դö㹡ҧǪҭ֧ 5 (Ժ ѧ ѹ Ե) ѹ͹حҵԹҧͧšҧ´µͧ


ͺ͡ ѹҡҡҹ͹öçöɢͧ

ҧá ͡դѹо¹ԭᾷʵСᾷҵѴѧҡ

ȹǡͧͷǡѺ͹Ҥҧçѹҡ ѹѹͧèзҧͧѹ繾ҺŴѹѹ˹觵ѹ

'ѹͧǡö繨ԧ Ҿǡդҷҵѹ' ŷ ʹ

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