A week ago I went on a job interview for the post of a scrub nurse in the operating theatre.

No matter how experienced I was, it still seemed to be a nerve-racking task because what I said and what I did was going to either move me to the next round of consideration for employment or knock me out of contention.

Therefore, I took the time to prepare my interview techniques including knowing what was on my resume, being able to present why I was qualified for the job, why I was interested in the operating theatre department and practicing staying calm and focused.

Furthermore, my verbal communication was important so I ensured not to use slang, to speak clearly and definitely. And, practicing answering some interview questions helped make me comfortable responding the basics.

As I was in the hot seat when being interviewed by the panel of 3 interviewers, it was so stressful and it could be easy to get distracted during the interview. So, I did my best to listen to what the interviewer was asking which would be easier to frame my appropriate responses.

The interview process took about 30 minutes and I thought it went quite well. By the end of that day, I was informed via the phone that I was a successful candidate for the post.

I must say that my success came from hard work and determination.

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ҡ仡ҹ ô¤ӾٴͧѹӤѭ ѧ鹩ѹͧ ŧ ͧٴҧѴਹ Сý֡ͺӶͧɳҹ·ѹͧдǡ͡ʴԡҵͺʹͧҹ

ͧҡѹ躹觷ҵ͡ѧ١ɳ¤мɳ 3 ҹ ѹ֧´ҡѹ·ж١ԵѧҸҧɳ ѧ鹩ѹ֧ҧشпѧҼɳѧѹ¢鹷ҧἹõͺʹͧͧѹ

кǹɳһҳ 30 ҷЩѹԴѹҧ͹ҧշ 㹪ǧ繢ͧѹ ѹѺ駼ҹҧѾ ѹͼѤ÷ʺѺ˹觧ҹ

ѹͧͺ͡ 稢ͧѹҨҡҧ˹ѡФ蹵㨹ͧ

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