Very often, I have been asked by foreign colleagues and patients how I learn and make great progress in English.

Actually, I am not so much a linguistic genius as a hard worker.

To become a more confident English user does not happen overnight, it is a gradual process of learning.

When I first arrived in the UK, my English skills were limited and I struggled to improve them.

Because of the language impediment, I was not able to find proper work in the beginning of living in a new country.

I began working as a health care assistant in a nursing home which allowed me to practise my English with those elderly whereas looking after them.

I made learning a habit and tried to learn something everyday both at work and at leisure.

I related whatever I learned from a textbook to practical usage and it helped me to employ the language actively.

I also enjoyed learning through communicating with those seniors at work. And, the more enjoyable the learning was made, the more effective the progress became.

To improve the language ability is a process which takes time. It is not a computer which is either on or off as desire.

I think my success comes from being patient and constant practice.

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ͤáѹҶ֧ҪҳҨѡѧ ѡѧɢͧѹբմӡѴ ЩѹùоѲѹ

ͧҡػäҧҹ ѹ֧öҧҹ㹪ǧ鹢ͧ㹻

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ѹ¹繡Ԩѵ С¹ҧ觺ҧҧءѹ駷ӧҹҧ

ѹ§áѹ¹Ҩҡ仡Ѻ㹷ҧԺѵ ѹ©ѹҧԧѧ

蹡ѹѹդآʹء仡Ѻ¹ҹõԴáѺ٧ҹ ӧҹ ͡¹١ʹءԴԹҡ þѲҡ˹ҡջԷҾҡ觢鹵仴

þѲҤöҧ кǹ˹觷ͧ ѹԴԴͧ

ѹԴ 稢ͧѹҨҡʹСý֡ҧ͵ͧͧ

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you are awesome.

: IP: ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2554 :8:07:59 .  


ʴդФس ҷѡ觤Դ֧ ʺ´չФ??

: anigia ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2554 :20:09:57 .  


: herepin ѹ: 25 Ҥ 2554 :23:46:06 .  

ҡ繤֧ѡ㹡¹ ͧ蹽֡ !!

: jaikojung (jaikojung ) ѹ: 26 Ҥ 2554 :12:57:37 .  

I agreed with you that it is not easy to be good in English (like native speaker).
We have to practice a lot.

You are amazed...

: Denver IP: ѹ: 28 Ҥ 2554 :3:01:58 .  

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