Last week, my junior close friend flew from Singapore to England to attend the international conference for Ph.D. researchers.

So, we took this opportunity to see each other and update our lives in general.

Her journey for earning a doctorate degree, as I recall it, was pretty long and arduous.

To eventually be awarded a doctorate degree from an accredited university in the United States, she had a really indefinite commitment for studies.

According to her life history, she was born in a small village in the northeast of Thailand and came from a working class family in which her parent worked for low wages.

Despite coming from a needy family, she struggled to succeed at school and was able to get a place in a university to complete her nursing degree.

After some years of working as a nurse in Thailand, she moved to the United States for a future career achievement.

Her nursing career abroad gave her a good opportunity to earn and study at the same time.

Although studying full-time while working full-time was a bit like fighting a two-front war and very intense, she did well with work-study life balance.

After holding a master's degree, she demonstrated the ability to continue studies at the doctoral level.

She worked hard to get a Ph.D. and devoted herself to it so she then earned a reward of her success.

After her doctorate graduation, she became a professor at George Washington University for many years.

Now, she works within National University of Singapore as a research professor.

'The secret of success is constancy to purpose.' By Benjamin Franklin

ҷԵ ͹蹹ͧʹԷ˹觺ԹҡԧѧûЪҹҪҵԢͧѡԨдѺԭ͡

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ҨҡͺǷҡ ͡ùʺ稷ç¹Сö¹Է¨ԭҵҢҾҺ

ѧҡͧշӧҹ繾Һͧ Ѱԡ͹ҤҧҪվçҹ


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ӧҹҧ˹ѡԭ͡Сطȵͧѹ ѧ鹤֧ͨѺҧ觤稢ͧ

ѧҡ¹ԭ͡ ͡ҵҨԷ¨ͪԧѹ»

Ѩغѹ ͷӧҹԷ觪ҵԢͧԧ㹵˹ʵҨҧҹԨ

'Ѻͧ 蹤' Benjamin Franklin

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