When thinking about how long I am going to live (50, 60, 70,...), I feel like life is too short not to enjoy.

I am not expecting to have an unrealistic or impractical life but rather than living a lovely life with happiness, passion and purpose.

I feel fortunate that my present life is altogether satisfying: having a decent and rewarding job, living in a stunning seaside town (as the picture above) and having a good health.

I am enjoying the now not the past or the future. Even if it is important to plan for the future, I am not too much focusing on what I have not had yet.

I am also happier because I kind of more accept those things that cannot be changed.

It is often said that 'your health is your wealth', so I maintain a healthy life by exercising (hot yoga is my preference) and eating healthily (in a good balance not in the extreme).

Although I have good incomes, I try not to spend more than I earn to avoid an accumulating debt.

I love myself sensibly not in a vain sense and I let people see the real me even when I feel vulnerable.

I think I am having a happy life at the moment.

ͤԴ֧ǡѺ աҹ˹ѹժԵ (50, 60, 70, ...) ѹ֡͹ѺҪԵԹ价դآ

ѹѧҴѧ֧Եԧͽѹ Ҥ͹ҧҡҷԵѡ¤آ ¤֡蹪ͺ д¡

ѹ֡⪤շԵ㹻ѨغѹͧѹѹǡҾ ҪվҹѺդس ͧ·ŷ§ (ѧٻҾҧ) آҾ

ѹѧդآѺѨغѹ ʹյ ͹Ҥ ѹӤѭҧἹѺ͹Ҥ ѹѧҡԹ仡Ѻ÷ѹѧ

ѹ蹡ѹդآҡ ҩѹ繻Ѻҡ鹡Ѻ觵ҧҹ鹷ö١¹ŧ

ѹ١Ƕ֧ 'آҾͧسͤ觤觢ͧس' ѧ鹩ѹФç觡آҾ ͡ѧ (¤͹觷ѹ蹪ͺ) СáԹҧ١ͧآҾ (㹤ŷ Ẻش)

֧ ѹ§ ѹҡ仡ҷѹѺա§˹Թ

ѹѡͧҧ˵ʵ Ẻŧйͧ Щѹ餹繵ǵԧͧѹҷѹ֡͹͡

ѹԴ ѹѧժԵդآй

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completely agree with the fact that we all need to uncomplicate our life and live life to the ultimate.

: jessy IP:, ѹ: 6 ¹ 2555 :13:59:52 .  

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