Recently, some of my nurse colleagues have planned to relocate from the UK to other countries like New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada for a new change.

This probably makes me consider to have a new start in a new environment as well.

However, as an internationally qualified nurse applying for nursing registration in those English-speaking countries, one of registration requirements is to sit an English Language assessment.

And, the assessment is the International English Language Testing (IELTS) Academic Test with a required score of seven (7) in all areas (listening, reading, writing and speaking).

Some of my nurse friends sat the IELTS test with a high hope of simply achieving a score of seven (7) because they believed that their English language competence was naturally good.

Unfortunately, they failed the test and were very disappointed with that. I must say that they failed due to a lack of preparation.

The lesson must be learned so I ensure that I make all necessary preparations beforehand.

The more I practise the test, the better chance I will get the desired score so I applied for IELTS academic online practice test via // and //

As I have a work commitment, I will give myself a two-month preparation and plan to do the test this August.

Above all, the truth is that perseverance is necessary for success.

Һ͹ҹҧҧἹ¨ҡҪҳҨѡѧ价 ǫŹ Ѱԡ ᤹Ҵ ͡¹ŧ

ѹ蹤ԴԨó ҡաǴ蹡ѹ

ҧá ѺҺŷդسزԨҡҧȫ觵ͧáè¹Һ㹻ȷٴѧҹ ˹㹢͡˹ҧͧè¹ ÷ͺԹҧҹѧ

ûԹ IELTS Academic Test ¤ṹ١˹ 7 㹷ءѡ (ÿѧ ҹ ¹ Сþٴ)

͹ҺŢͧѹҧͺ¤ѧ٧ Ѻṹ 7 ҧ Ҿǡ öҧѧɢͧǡҴ繻

⪤չѡ ǡǡѺͺСԴѧҧҡѺѹ ѹͧ;ٴ ǡǡͧҨҡǷ§͹ͧ

¹ͧѺ¹ ѧ ѹͧҩѹաǷ繡ǧ˹

觩ѹ֡Ẻͺҡ ѹ͡ʷբҡҹ鹷Ѻṹͧ ѧ ѹ֧Ѥý֡Ẻͺ IELTS academic ͹Źҹҧ䫴ͧ // //

ͧҡѹդѺԴͺͧͧҹ ѹ֧ǩѹաͧ͹ СҧἹͺ͹ԧҤ

˹ ԧ 蹾觨繢ҴѺ

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