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When healthy people become ill, fear and worry always wears them out.

In particular, when serious or chronic illness arrives, emotional reactions to illness may culminate in the feeling that life is meaningless.

As a nurse who provides the care for the sick, my patience and compassion is very needful that can help ease their miserable path.

There is one young male patient I have cared for who tends to have disruptive emotions of anger and frustration because of his chronic illness.

In the past, his job was a solider in the army and a kidney failure sheared him of his physical strength.

He was fortunate to once have a kidney transplant but a new kidney failed within a short period of time afterwards. Because of that, he now relies on a dialysis.

At any time he comes into the side room for a dialysis, he tends to target his rage to others by behaving unmannerly or speaking rudely.

One time, he asked angrily for being taken off from a dialysis machine a lot earlier.

Although I calmly explained to him about the possible danger caused by his request, he refused to acknowledge.

He then went ballistic and said to me, 'You are not the one who gets stuck in a chair for 4 hours on dialysis but me. So, you do not really know how it feels like or perhaps you do not care'.

I patiently answered, 'Although I am not the person who has to sit in a chair for 4 hours, I am here caring for you for 4 hours. Don't you realise that?'

I wish he could find a way to hold onto the positives and be as emotionally calm-hearted as possible.

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ҡҡøѴСٴѺѹ 'س褹ͧԴ 4 ҧ繼 ѧ鹤سԧѹ֡ҧͺҧդس'

ѹͺѺҧʹ '֧ѹ繤ͧ 4 ѹͤ´Ťس 4 ҤسẺ?'


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