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Pure love is not like about giving and receiving a gift.

I have one patient whose love story is very touching.

He was left by his wife because of his serious illness and had to raise up two little boys on his own.

In the past, he was juggling between hospital and home and did not have time for anything else.

His two boys are now grown-up, he has more time for himself.

Lately, he has met a woman who has a lot of things in common.

She is a single mother abandoned by her husband for a younger girl and has brought up two boys by herself as well.

Even though he revealed about his severe long-term illness and his past life to her, she did not mind it at all.

A few days ago, he just turned 52 years and it was the first time two families brought together for his birthday celebration.

On his birthday, he said to her in front of their children, 'I must thank you very much for being willing to care for me and be on my side when I am in need. You are the best birthday present I have ever had in my life'.

Now, they are a happy big family living altogether.




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