Is it true that 'love' conquers all?

I think it is difficult to express my thought to this question. However, one love story is enough to convince me that love can be a magic.

There is a young Thai woman whose love is not a rosy journey.

Her first love was something that was ever quite painful and difficult to get over it.

After she was heartbroken from her Thai boyfriend who was forced to have an arranged marriage, she quit her decent job in Thailand and flew to the UK to heal her heart.

She came to live with her sister who settled down with her British husband in the UK for a long time.

She kept herself busy by working in the restaurant owned by her sister in order to forget her heartbreak.

One day her colleague was going down the aisle with a British groom and she was asked to be a bridesmaid.

She then met a groomsman who believed that love at first sight was possible. Even though she was not interested in him, he did not give up.

After the wedding, he became a regular customer at her sister's restaurant and eventually won her heart.

Anyhow, she went back to Thailand after spending 6 months in the UK and he regularly visited her over there for 4 years. They then tied the knot in Thailand and she moved to the UK ever since.

Sadly, the first time she met her husband's parent and relatives, she was sarcastically asked,'How does a Thai woman like you feel when waking up in the morning and finding money left by a foreign man?'

Amazingly, because their love was real, it proved itself and greatly helped them to bear all the burdens.

Now, they are a very happy couple who wants to spend the rest of their life by each other's side forever and ever.


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ҧáѺͧѧҡҪҳҨѡѧ 6 ͹ ҡ繻ШӷͧҶ֧ 4 Ǿǡҡ觧ҹѹͧ͡ҪҳҨѡѧɵ繵

ҧ㨹ѡ á龺ѺЭҵͧ ͡١ҧ´ջЪЪѹ˹ '˭ԧҧ֡ҧ ͵蹢㹵͹оԹҧ¼µҧҵ?'

ҧȨ ѡͧǡҤѡ ѹ٨ǢͧѹͧСǡʹػäҡӺҡҧ駻ǧҧ

Ѩغѹ ǡҤͤѡդآҡ˹觼ͧèҷ㹪Եͧǡ§ҧ觡ѹСѹʹ仹ҹʹҹ

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'Surely, love conquers all.'

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