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Although Singapore is the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, it is known for being a paradise of food, shopping, sightseeing.

I was fortunate enough to spend time in Singapore and learned that Singapore is exotic, intriguing and exceptionally safe travellers destination.

Interestingly, Singapore plays host to a large number of tourists every year, which surprises many with historical sites, tourist spots, museums, beaches, parks.

Singapore is one of the intriguing places where visitors can relax, eat, shop and play, all under one roof.

Public transport within Singapore is convenient and modern, especially Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail and air-conditioning specious buses.

Simply, there is a variety of diverse experiences which visitors can explore in Singapore.

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: Yelliiz ѹ: 20 áҤ 2554 :22:50:17 .  

From the pictures you put on the blog here, I have no surprise why your friend decided to relocate to there. The food, technology, and scenery look so exotic and exciting to explore.

One of my friends who used to live there for over 13 years told me many positive things about Singapore. One of her daughter who graduated from a college in America and also holds American citizenship decided to go back and work there.

͹š¤Фس :))

: Tristy ѹ: 21 áҤ 2554 :21:36:50 .  


: bayesian ѹ: 22 áҤ 2554 :22:57:05 .  

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