Not long ago, a friend of mine decided to have a tattoo because she wanted to join the counterculture with a new ink look.

Usually, it takes some time to get one tattoo finished so I have recently been her company whereas she has an appointment for tattooing.

It was the first time for me to go to a tattoo shop and experience the tattooing process.

Seeing those tattoo artists who have tattoos all over their bodies from head to toe is quite awkward because they seem to take their passion for tattoos to extreme lengths.

Maybe, we have heard the saying, 'Never judge a book by its cover' as while the person may look weird on the outside but inside he or she has a good heart.

So as my friend's tattoo artist, he is kind of a man who treats others kindly with respect, who listens to others when they talk and empathise, who can make people smile or laugh by being witty not insulting.

Frankly, this man has a good and natural inner core of personality.

He might not be one of the most handsome ones but he is charming and lovable.

At anytime I go to the tattoo shop with my friend, he shows me his hidden personality of gentleman in spite of having the whole body of tattoos.

One day, he asked me, 'What are you planning to do tonight?'.

I replied, 'I have actually got no plan for tonight'.

He then seemed to reluctantly continue the conversation and kept silent without looking straight into my eyes.

I think he was afraid of getting rejected if he asked me out.

I must admit I am not so sure whether I am having a crush on him or not.

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ҧ ¤պؤԡѡɳ㹷繸ҵ

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ء駷ѹ价ҹѡѺ͹ ʴѹ繶֧ؤԡѡɳТͧҾɷ͹ ҨѡǷ駵

ѹ˹ ѹ 'سἹзä׹?'

ѹͺ 'ԧǩѹἹѺ׹'

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